Increasing the Financial Literacy Skills

of Senior Citizens

About UpSenior

The UpSenior project: “Increasing the Financial Literacy Skills of Senior Citizens” is an Erasmus+ Small-scale Partnership in the field of Adult Education involving 3 participating organisations from 3 different countries (Greece, Italy, Bulgaria), working together to address the difficulties faced by the social group of senior citizens in terms of financial literacy.


A 1

Project Management


During the initial stages of the project, the consortium prepares all the information required to guarantee optimal project implementation and seamless interaction. The first project activity relates to project management, which makes sure that the activities are created, carried out, and assessed in a way that is open to all. It also outlines a strategy for coping with risk while regulating spending and scheduling.

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Competences Framework & Assessment Tool


The Competences Framework & Assessment Tool will define the key components of the skills needed by senior citizens to develop a better level of financial literacy and therefore will allow them to define the main knowledge and skills required to deal with potential threats related to financial security, identify specific financial competencies, necessary for their optimal functionality in the financial world, and create an evaluation model with a financial skills assessment tool.

A 3

Training materials for senior citizens' financial literacy skills


The Training Materials aim to enable senior citizens to develop the necessary competencies in order to increase their level of financial literacy. They will consist of 12 units, separated into 6 modules, and will be adapted to the specifics of the target group according to a suitable methodology that will be developed.

A 4

Pilot testing sessions


The Pilot Testing activity will apply the proposed content directly to the target group of senior citizens. The results of these training sessions will showcase the level of acquired financial literacy skills and provide feedback on any area that might need adjustment or improvement.

A 5

Dissemination & Exploitation Activities


The main results of this activity are the development of a project dissemination & communication strategy with an action plan, the creation of the project brand identity assets, the relevant exploitation & sustainability strategy, and the organization of 3 project events.


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